Booking & Order Taking

For over 30 years, we have been providing a wide range of professional dental care services to the Atlanta community.
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Booking & Order Taking

Marz specializes in customer booking and order-taking. We offer a wide range of services for various products and services. Our well-experienced and professional agents can confidently close the sales orders with minimal to no mistakes.
When a booking agent is on the call, he/she faces many day-to-day challenges. There is no thumb-rule to solve all the problems as each comes with its unique requirements and specifications. At Marz, our agents are not dependent on the written scripts but are well experienced and trained to exhibit flexibility. Clear language, calling etiquettes, and the ability to convey the message in an efficient way assists our customers to understand the solution easily.

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“Amazing experience at this dental clinic! The service is always quick and the staff are so kind and attentive!”

- Allie Grater

“The dentists at this clinic are top-notch! I’ve had problems with my teeth my whole life, but they examined my mouth and devised a plan to give me a beautiful smile that I feel confident with!”

- Lucia Denton

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